About Me

Tinnitus has always been a distressing phenomenon; it has always provoked anxiety and fear. Ancient people were convinced that their ‘head noises’ were made by evil spirits and went so far as to have holes drilled in their skulls to be rid of them. In the sixteenth century, it was claimed that tinnitus was produced by the devil himself and that notion is thought to have persisted for a further two centuries. Nowadays, although millions of people know what it is like to experience tinnitus, very few are aware of what exactly it is and what causes it – and that’s where this site comes in.

The sounds of tapping, whistling and so on inside the head are, at the very least, distracting and, at worst, can cause such mental anguish that suicide can be seen as the only way out. Tinnitus is certainly a challenge to good physical and mental health. It doesn’t help that millions of people are being let down by the medical profession, for research shows a worrying lack of knowledge about available treatments.

With determination and a positive outlook, however, it is possible to reduce the impact of the noises and even for tinnitus to disappear. In the main, this is achieved by means of treatments and therapies that can cause the noises to fade into the background of your consciousness. As not every treatment works for everyone, you may need to try several to ascertain which is the most suitable for you. Even dietary changes can improve the problem in many people, as can taking regular exercise and improving your overall health.

One program that does offer a lot of help and has helped many people find some much needed short term and permanent tinnitus relief is Tinnitus Miracle. I have a video review of the program on the home page of this site, or you can check it out directly by clicking here.